Lifting Weights




We are a fun, community minded gym where you can turn up, work out, meet other like minded people and be part of the growing community.

Training should be fun and enjoyable, not seen as a chore and boring.

We put you first, everything revolves around the members and the community they want to build in Minchinhampton.

With social events, community meals etc this gym is way more than a typical commercial gym. This gym is journey with a community that want to see the positive holistic benefits that fitness provides.


We believe that building wellness starts from the very beginning of life.

The Fitness Hub’s Youth Academy is programmed for teenagers who could struggle with confidence, body image and are seeking a supportive community to help improve our wellbeing.

A personal trainer who tailors and adapts movements to ensure safety and fun, whilst exploring how holistic fitness provides many benefits.


This is the best and most affordable way to get Personal Trained.

We offer the flexibility of six sessions (classes) throughout the day including mornings, lunchtimes and evening sessions so you will be able to fit all your training needs into your busy week, whilst not compromising on the results.

Memberships will provide you with on-going assessments, bespoke programming, consultation meetings, social community events and a Personal Trainer every time you train. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this growing community. If you prefer more of a private session with a PT, then 1-1 Personal Training sessions are available.

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Minchinhampton Fitness Hub is a community gym that brings the energy that gets you moving. We believe your mental, emotional and spiritual health is as important as your physical health.

Charity run, we are creating an accessible and affordable gym with high quality equipment, classes and personal training.

Together we are creating a gym community that explores life and fitness equally.

We believe that training with others is fun. It keeps you motivated and holds you accountable. Gone are the days where you need to workout what exercises to do, how many reps, am I using the right form etc. Our trainers guide you through the sessions using their years of experience of training various clientele. There is no reason why performance and community can not go hand in hand.


The fitness hub will be open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to ensure high quality training and to allow the community to organically grow. Opening times may expand as we grow.



In order to come to a class (small group personal training session) you need to book to ensure a place. This is because we run our classes on a maximum of eight to ensure our trainers can monitor all members.


Once open, bookings can be made online below.

If you cannot book for any reason, please email Jon at

Each member will be given a bespoke training programme and plan based on your goals, fitness history etc. Every time that member turns up at a class, they will be led through their PT programme by their instructor. The instructor will demonstrate and lead them through exercises. 

Classes are arranged throughout the day to cater for all types of clients: those who work 9-5, those who are free in the day, those who prefer pre-work/school.



"I am hugely excited to see the community of Minchinhampton grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Having set up a thriving community gym in Cheltenham, I am keen to take what I have learnt into a new community"

Project Manager

Jon Taylor